Earn Unlimited Rewards


  • We will pay you $1,000 for information leading to our purchasing a home in your area
  • We will pay you $3,000 for a second successful HomeTip
  • We will pay you $5,000 plus one percent of the purchase price for a third successful HomeTip



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What is a Successful HomeTip?

Any tip that helps put us in contact with a distressed homeowner and leads to our purchase of said homeowner's property

Our real estate investors focus primarily on single-family homes and townhomes in Northern Virginia

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Who Are We Looking For?

A friend, a relative, a neighbor, a coworker who is:

  1. Moving
  2. Has Bad Tenants
  3. Needs Fast Cash
  4. Has Vacancies
  5. Behind on Payments
  6. Going Through a Divorce
  7. Going Through Foreclosure
  8. Doing an Estate Sale
  9. Has Maintenance Problems
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What We Do


We work with real estate investors who can move immediately to stop foreclosures, provide instant cash to homeowners, provide instant debt relief, and provide freedom from maintenance hassles

We will provide a guaranteed written offer within 48 hours of inspecting the property

Our real estate investors will work with distressed homeowners to find the best "win-win" solution possible - even if it may seem like there's no solution in sight.

In cases of homes that have no equity, we've worked with homeowners on long-term solutions that stop the bleeding NOW and help build future equity with no additional out-of-pocket expense


Submit Your HomeTip

Please be sure to include the following when you submit your HomeTip:

  • Property Address
  • Your Relation to the Homeowner
  • Brief Summary of the Homeowner's Current Situation
  • Best Contact Info for the Homeowner

That's It!  We take it from there and we notify you once your HomeTip does or does not lead to our purchase of the home

You will be assigned an individual ID that will be attached to all of your HomeTips